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    Game Day 11/19/17 today.

    The Miami Dolphins were able to hold off a furious Green Bay Packer squad 37-21.

    The Cleveland Browns buried the San Francisco 49ers 28-0.

    The Oakland Raiders smelted the Pittsburgh Steelers 42-7.

    The Dallas Cowboys spoil the debut of Kansas City Chiefs new coach James 28-7 on Monday Night Football 11/20/17.

    More action to follow!

    Electric Football in the Modern Age

    Check out this excellent video which details what our hobby is all about!

    Dallas Miniature Football League

    The Dallas Miniature Football League is an organization that allows members who are miniature football hobbyists to compete in an organized setting.  Miniature football, more commonly referred to as Electric football, is a game where coaches compete using miniature football player figures on a vibrating surface which allows for complex movements of the figures.  It is remarkably realistic, extremely fun, and addicting!


    Super Bowl IV: Dallas Cowboys 43 Oakland Raiders 46

    On Sunday 1/29/17 Super Bowl IV was played in Plano Texas before a sell out crowd.

    The Oakland Raiders held off a furious Dallas Cowboy offensive effort to win with a 57 yard field goal with 15 seconds left!  The game featured 12 touchdowns, two 2-pt conversions, and a field goal for a total of 89 points.

    Thirteen Super Bowl records were set and 4 tied (see DMFL History); this game was one for the ages and ranked as the most exciting game in anyone's memory who was in attendance.  Click on the game boxscore below and review the live game sheet for a complete review of all game stats and the play by play.


    MVP 2016

    Congratulations to Kenny Stabler and Coach Owens of the Oakland Raiders for being selected as MVP of the DMFL for the 2016 season!


    Congratulations to Philip Wiese, Coach of the Arizona Cardinals and recipient of the 2016 Coach of the Year Award!

    2017 DMFL Schedule

    1 at IND PITT MIA at DEN at CLE OAK Bye at GB TB NYG at SF at CAR DAL
    2 DAL CAR at KC at NYG at TB at SF DEN at OAK at CLE IND MIA PITT Bye
    3 MIA at IND at DAL at OAK Bye CLE SF DEN at NYG at KC CAR GB at TB
    4 at CAR at DEN CLE TB NYG Bye GB SF OAK at DAL at PITT at MIA at KC
    5 PITT at DAL Bye KC at OAK at CAR at MIA CLE IND at GB at TB NYG SF
    6 Bye at SF at NYG at GB KC at TB at PITT at CAR DAL CLE DEN IND MIA
    7 at CLE OAK CAR PITT at MIA KC at IND Bye at DEN Bye GB Bye at NYG
    8 DEN KC at OAK Bye GB NYG at CLE TB at SF CAR at IND at DAL at PITT
    9 at GB Bye TB SF IND at PITT DAL at KC Bye at MIA Bye at DEN OAK


    Bob Owens

    Bob Owens

    Commissioner, Dallas Miniature Football League

    Phone: 214-9382487

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